About Me

My name is Ryan Richter and I am a transportation planner for Metra, the commuter rail agency in Chicago. My work primarily lies within the long-range planning realm of transportation planning with specific work done on corridor studies and transit-oriented development plans.  The opinions on this blog are strictly my own.

My professional experience lies entirely within local government of various levels: municipal, county and transit service providers. I have a background in geographic information systems (GIS) and transportation planning. Given my work in the realms of both transportation, and land use planning, my interests lie within the nexus between transportation and land use policy. That is, how do land use decisions impact the levels and types of transit services that can be offered? And conversely, can transit play a role in the (re)development of land uses around it (Yes!). And also, what roles do the pedestrian and bicycle modes play? These questions are important to the urbanist, as well as the suburbanite and, really, anyone who desires a neighborhood where the car can be one option among many.

For inquiries, please contact me at ryanrichter [at] transportnexus [dot] com